SimpleTAX 1040
SimpleTAX 1040 has industry-leading tools such as Point-and-Shoot Error Correction™, exclusive TextLink™ integrated text messaging technology, and remote signatures.
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SimpleTAX 1040 Overview
Industry Leading Innovation

SIMPLETAX 1040 has been built with a host of industry leading tools and features designed for professional tax preparation businesses. Check out some of the innovative software features below.

Digital Signatures

Electronic signature pads and Remote Signatures provide a quick return on investment through significant time savings, copying of documents, and filing for future access on each tax return. Additionally, electronic signature pads allow you to save money by reducing paper usage & storage and minimizing tax return errors, helping you to meet government disclosure requirements and move towards a paperless office.

Mobile Applications

Your tax business now has its own mobile app for your taxpayers – all with your own name and logo. And you didn’t have to spend time or money developing it! You can also manage your tax business from anywhere with your mobile device. With real-time office and EFIN reporting as well as the ability to communicate directly with your individual taxpayers you can truly be a business owner on the move.

Paperless Office

Improve efficiency and accuracy while saving time preparing each tax return. Document Manager eliminates the need to photocopy and physically store documents as you move towards a paperless office. You can even start a tax return and capture all of the data on the W2 and K1 by simply scanning the 2D barcode using a certified hand-held scanner. Capture source documents and information directly to the tax return.

Audit Assistance

SIMPLETAX partners the best and most comprehensive Audit Assistance company. They offer more benefits for both the tax payer and the tax professional than any other Audit Assistance company. Now is the right time for tax preparers to earn extra profit on each tax return while providing your clients with a much needed product. They have experienced bilingual tax professionals ready to assist your client in the event of an audit.

Text Messaging

The integrated text messaging service within SimpleTAX 1040 allows tax preparation offices to send a text message to taxpayer cell phones. Text message one or many clients with just a single click. You will be able to market to and communicate with your taxpayer clients more efficiently than ever before. Save time and money by eliminating phone calls to clients. The perfect tool for “Check Ready” notifications.

Business Forms

With all the industry-leading tools of SIMPLETAX 1040, such as text messaging, digital signatures, and document manager, SIMPLETAX 1040 with Business, customers are able to process business tax returns more quickly and accurately than ever before. Our business forms offer a complete solution for tax professionals who prepare or want to prepare, even the most complex Federal and State business returns.

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SIMPLETAX 1040 is the industry’s leading desktop tax software solution for professional tax businesses. Built based on the needs of busy tax offices that specialize in providing their clients with fast and accurate tax returns, SIMPLETAX 1040 is a trusted solution..

SIMPLETAX 1040 is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient tax software solution for high-volume tax businesses that specialize in offering quick & accurate tax refunds. Built to speed processing of your clients returns and refunds, SIMPLETAX 1040 helps you stay a step ahead of your competition.


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